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A.I.E.N is the leading Business Membership Organisation (BMO) with a mission to empower the Nigerian people, alleviate the unemployment epidemic, and create wealth in our country by expanding business opportunities in the agricultural and industrial sectors of our economy. We are dedicated to creating a more inclusive organisation where members representing every dimension of enterprise in these sectors can thrive.


A.I.E.N seeks to empower the Nigerian people to generate wealth through enterprise development, thus alleviating the unemployment epidemic in Nigeria.


  • Honesty
  • Inclusivity
  • Education
  • Investment

President's welcome address
A National Force for Economic Empowerment.

Nigeria’s boom in crude oil production in the early 1970s devastated the agricultural sector, which hitherto was the mainstay of Nigeria’s economy and the economies of most developing African nations

As the governments disregarded the agricultural sector, poverty and unemployment soared. The focus of successive governments has been how to reduce dependence on oil, diversify the country’s economic base, create wealth, and eradicate poverty and unemployment. Not much progress has been recorded in spite of various policies put in place.

The discourse amongst economic development experts yields one consensus: agribusiness holds the key. Additionally, the economy must depend on Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises - MSMEs and the informal sector as major engines of growth.

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Stimulating, monitoring, and coordinating the development of the MSMEs sector.


Promoting and facilitating development programmes, instruments and support services to accelerate the development and modernization of MSME operation.


Initiating and articulating policy ideas for micro, small and medium enterprises growth and development

Opportunities for Entrepreneurship

A.I.E.N Entrepreneurship Leadership Learning Experiences!

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Empowering Our Members to Lead

A.I.E.N provides a powerful array of knowledge and solutions- focused services that enable our members to lead in their industries, both regionally and globally. Each of our member services is backed by a rigorous foundation of research, as well as years of strategy and implementation expertise.

What Happens Around A.I.E.N

A.I.E.N events span the globe, addressing topics vital to enterprise development in the country. These innovative gatherings, whether large or small, virtual or in-person, connect attendees, inspire action, and advance our transformative vision of changing lives.


Serving as vanguards for rural industrialization, poverty reduction, job creation, and enhancing sustainable livelihoods.


Linking SMEs to internal and external sources of finance, large enterprises, appropriate technology, technical skills.


Promoting information and providing access to industrial infrastructure, such as layouts, incubators, and industrial parks.

We stand ready to assist all our members who are beneficiaries of the micro lending in the areas of:
- Advisory
- Entrepreneurship training
- Extension Services
- Monitoring
- Packaging

Board Members

chuku wachuku

Chief Chuku Wachuku

professor hussaini hoko ibrahim

Professor Hussaini Doko Ibrahim

Board Member
hajiya mariya ibrahim baba

Hajiya Mariya Ibrahim Baba

Board Member
juncheng zhu

Mr. Juncheng Zhu

Board Member
ngozi wachuku

Ngozi Wachuku

Board Member
seun ogunliyi

Seun Ogunluyi

Board Member

Management Team

chuku wachuku

Chief Chuku Wachuku


Chuku Wachuku is a U.S. trained consultant economist, business analyst, management expert, and specialist on entrepreneurship development, microcredit delivery, and small and medium enterprises.

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Hon. Lawrence Okezie Odoemelem

Director - Research and Development

Honorable Lawrence Okezie Odoemelem is a seasoned Public Relations and Integrated Marketing/Communications Professional with over 25 years experience spanning across Nigeria and the United States.

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usman argungu hassan

Usman Argungu Hassan (Phd)

Director - State Coordination

Dr. Usman Argungu Hassan is an accomplished Agriculturist with specialisation in Crop Production, Soil Fertility and Management, Irrigation Agronomy, Extension Services, Plant Breeding and Genetics...

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Joint Venture

A.I.E.N has entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Raw Materials Research and Development Council - RMRDC, a major parastatal under the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology, to jointly operate the Ward-Based Industrial Clusters Initiative (WBIC), of which A.I.E.N is the operator.

Brief about Raw Materials Research and Development Council - (RMRDC)

The Raw Materials Research and Development Council (RMRDC) was established by Decree (Act) 39 of December 17, 1987 to develop local raw materials and co-ordinate research efforts, especially in relation to raw materials acquisition, exploitation, conservation and development. This law enables RMRDC to draw 1% of the Import Duty Surcharge as the only source of funding for the Council. It does not receive any other allocation from the Federation Account. The Council operates under the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology (FMST).

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