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Become a member of A.I.E.N

We Are Your National Partner

A.I.E.N membership is a high-value partnership that gives your organization, and various stakeholders within it, access to a variety of indispensable benefits. To help you build a profitable enterprise, A.I.E.N will provide innovative research, the tools to make changes, examples of successful initiatives, networking and knowledge-sharing events, a powerful array of services, and access to the unique A.I.E.N community of leaders committed to expanding opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Because this is a partnership, A.I.E.N members and leaders hold themselves accountable for making change, setting targets, and tracking progress toward our shared goals. Through active participation in the A.I.E.N member community, events, and research, by sharing questions, insights, and practices, and by championing enterprise development, A.I.E.N members will impact businesses, communities, and societies around the country.

We welcome you to the A.I.E.N community.


  1. Individual Membership - N10K
  2. Corporate Membership
    • Organisations with not more than Five employees - 100K
    • Organisations with not more than Five to Ten employees - 150K
  3. Local Government Area - 250K
  4. State Government - 500K
  5. Corporations - 500K

Download Forms

To apply, please download by clicking on each forms below:

1. EOI Form
3. Irreversible Mandate Form
4. Irrevocable mandate form to employer