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President's welcome address
A National Force for Economic Empowerment.

A National Force for Economic Empowerment Welcome to the Association of Agricultural and Industrial Entrepreneurs of Nigeria – A.I.E.N.

The boom in crude oil production experienced by the country in the early 1970s devastated the agricultural sector which hitherto was the mainstay of Nigeria’s economy and indeed the economies of most developing African Nations. As the governments ignored the agricultural sector, poverty and unemployment skyrocketed out of control. The focus of successive governments has been how to reduce dependence on oil, diversify the country’s economic base, create wealth and eradicate poverty as well as unemployment. Unfortunately, not much progress has been recorded in spite of various policies put in place.

In all deliberations and discuss, a consensus opinion by experts in economic development of nations is that agribusiness holds the key; while the economy must necessarily depend on Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises - MSMEs and the informal sector as a major engine of growth.

In both the informal and formal sectors of the economy, research and production of raw materials is critical. In overcoming the challenges of poverty and unemployment, private sector participation, through entrepreneurship development, is central to finding lasting solutions.

As part of this effort, A.I.E.N is proposing an approach that will involve a large segment of the country’s population, operating as entrepreneurs, exploiting the vast opportunities available across the large expanse of land in the country.

In this regard, A.I.E.N has entered into and MOU with Raw Materials Research and Development Council - RMRDC, a Major parastatal under the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology, to jointly operate the Ward Based Industrial Clusters Initiative (WBIC).

A.I.E.N is the operator of the joint venture.

To this end, we have concluded strategies to establish; A. Agro Clusters In all the 774 Local government areas of Nigeria, in the first instance.
B. Value Chain birth of light Industrial processing in each LGA, adopting the Japanese model of One local government, One product (OLOP).
C. Producing Raw Materials and Agricultural produce for export .
D. Working to secure agreements with major Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) such as Central Bank of Nigeria, Bank of Agriculture, Bank of Industry and Nigeria Export Import Bank; while leveraging on development finance funds available to them.

Further more, we expect Money Deposit Banks, selected by A.I.E.N, and who demonstrate verifiable culture of SME development, to warehouse such funds raised from both domestic and international DFIs for micro credit delivery to the entrepreneurs, at single digit interest rates.

The main objective of the proposed scheme is to cultivate and encourage entrepreneurship spirit in the country’s teaming populace using the vast agricultural resources with which the country is endowed. The ultimate aim is to achieve the following; Increase agricultural output, eradicate poverty and ultimately Generate Employment.

If you are already a member, congratulations!. If you are not, consider joining!. I am excited by this huge initiative and encourage you to be part of the success story.

All of us at A.I.E.N and RMRDC are ready and waiting to help your businesses grow.

Success is not a wish; but hard work, creative thinking and application of dogma, will do it.

Register today to connect, develop and grow.

Welcome to A.I.E.N.


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